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Interior Painting

Panzella painting offers a wide variety of interior painting to satisfy all of your decorating needs. Serving Nassau and Suffolk counties for decades has given us the experience and recognition in being one of Long Islands premier painting companies. Over the years we have seen just about every situation that faces the painting industry. From new construction painting, painting of first and second generation homes, rental clean-ups, restaurant painting, commercial painting and our specialty of reconditioning old world treasures that preserve the past for generations to come. In this time span we have created an unsurpassed wealth of satisfied customers. Feel free to look through some of our projects and read some letters of recognition from our customers. Also breeze through our photo gallery and see a few of the many projects.

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Spackle and Crack repairs

In all of our jobs of course we have ceiling and wall repair. These are always included at no extra charge. Many times you have stress cracks or splits that are at the sheet rock joints which are repaired with a fiberglass webbing along the length of the opening. Then there is 3 to 4 coats of joint compound that is carefully applied to the webbing to bring the finish to a fine polish ready for prime and paint. In most cases, rooms have small nicks and small holes from picture frames which are also repaired before the finish is applied. Other locations of trouble may be a corner that is failing and this is corrected in a different manner. the complete corner is cut out and a new corner tape is installed, then spackled to a fine finish. When a metal corner bead is loose and breaks through the painted surface it generally needs to be screwed tight before the spackle repair can be made.

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Skim Coating

Skim coating is a slightly different procedure then an average ceiling or wall repair. This is done when the ceilings or walls have extensive damage to them either from years of neglect or recent wallpaper removal. If the walls are not level from years of painting or repairs they should be coated with a very thin layer of joint compound. Usually two applications is more then sufficient followed by a light sanding and then the usual prime and paint. However, if wallpaper was recently removed then it is best to oil prime the surface once the paper and glue is scraped and washed away. The chemical reaction that occurs when wallpaper glue touches latex paint or joint compound would lead to an unpleasant finish and what we call "spider webbing". Therefore it is recommended to first oil prime then lightly sand the dried oil primed surface to remove what remains from the glue, slightly torn wallboard, or the raised grain that occurs when performing this. After this is done walls will be skim coated to a smooth finish then primed and painted.

Interior Staining and Polyurethane

There are many types of interior stains that are available on the market today depending on the wanted "end result" of your project. For years we have done extensive work on doors, trim work, library type walls, staircases, windows, fireplaces and other wood installations in your home or office. We also offer bleaching type oils which give a beautiful appearance to match the desired look. Polyurethane is a sheen that is applied as well to the surface of the wood once it has been stained. This protects the wood from getting dirty over the years as well as producing a mirrored shine. Of course we offer a thicker grade for tables, chairs and other apparel for our restaurant and catering hall customers.

Drywall installation

Panzella painting also offers drywall installation to our customers. Many times our paint jobs require drywall replacement or complete drywall fitting. It is very important what company handles your drywall installation so that the spackling procedure goes clean and in the future you do not have opening seems and popping corners. We at Panzella painting have endless experience in this field and install correctly from the start.

Complete Molding and Door installation

We have extensive carpentry experience to install all of your moldings, doors, trim, chair rails, crowns, baseboards and other woodwork that you may desire. You may be looking to match something that is elsewhere in your home or have seen in a magazine etc. We can match just about anything that you show us and we will gladly install it. After molding is installed, depending on the required finish, it is then prepared for prime and paint or stain and polyurethane. All nail holes are filled and sanded, while corners are mitered to perfection, leaving your project something you can truly be proud of. Many of our customers have old radiator casings that may be unsightly, these also can be changed and replaced with new covers and still not affecting the heating system in your home.

Apartments, Rentals and Commercial offices

A large amount of work each year comes from our commercial customers which are constantly changing their sales look or their office appearance. We specialize in accommodating their special needs by working when they are not operating, so business is not affected. Many business's walk out at 5pm and need their office operable in the am, no problem, 24 hour crews are available for the task. We also work restaurants and catering halls in the late hours to assure no interruption in business. As for our homeowners that rent we offer quick "clean-ups" that are fast , neat and very affordable so you can get top dollar from your rental with little outlay.